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planetGOLD Branding and Communications Campaign

Nearly 20 percent of the world’s gold comes from toxic and dangerous sources. Arrowhead was hired to build a brand that would bring meaningful changes to the global supply chain. The gold trade is not all shiny and glitzy. Much of the supply chain is sourced from small operations that use toxic chemicals and unsafe practices. The mines are off the grid in remote areas of the world. We know because we’ve been there and that’s why Arrowhead was hired to design a brand for a $100 million dollar campaign to transform artisanal and small-scale gold mining from the mine to market. The planetGOLD brand is an example of Arrowhead’s capability to assemble a comprehensive communication strategy. From the logo and tagline to the website and engaging interactive and video content, planetGOLD is making a difference in gold mining operations in 23 countries.


Natural Resources Defense Council, United Nations Environment Programme


Branding & Messaging

Release Date

2019 with a five-year scope

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